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Youth Health Champions

Following a written application process, group of Year 10 students will promote healthy life styles and well-being in school through projects and campaigns. The programme consists of students studying a series of modules in weekly after school sessions, which culminates in a RSPH Level 2 Certificate. 

These students are ambassadors for promoting all aspects of health and wellbeing within the school, from exercise to emotional health. They run 3 campaigns throughout the year in addition to completing their assessments for their qualification. 

This year's group all passed with flying colours! We look forward to seeing what the new Champions achieve in the future.

Check out our Instagram Feed below for top tips and advice on wellness, health, wellbeing and much more!

Current Campaigns: #SaferInternetDay  #TacklingSelfHarm

A word from our Youth Health Champions...

'I became a YHC to improve my own lifestyle, and to learn how to improve the lifestyles of my community. I'm even thinking about going into the health industry in the future!'


- YHC 1

'I found that making a revision timetable which included my hobbies gave me balance when I was revising for exams, which made them seem more manageable. I also found an app to monitor my sleep patterns!'

- YHC 2

'It's really important that you eat and, most importantly, drink enough water during the day. We should aim for 8 glasses of water a day - and try not to skip breakfast! Have something which has lasting energy, and low added sugar.'

- YHC 3

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