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Advice for Staff and Students

See below for advice on working from home, managing anxiety, and what we as a school are doing to support our community.

Thank you to school staff across the borough of Waltham Forest who are working tirelessly to deal with this crisis.

Bremer staff are on rota delivering live online lessons via Google Meets, and form time each day 2.30-3.00pm. Students also have online work for each subject to be submitted via Google Classroom. Students will need to check and plan for which sessions they attend - we strongly encourage students to attend, considering how much face to face learning they have missed. Please check School Gateway for more information.

A gentle reminder to parents: please do not send your child into school unless absolutely necessary. If there is a parent at home, then government guidance states that children should stay at home *even if the other parent is a key worker*. We do not want to put our staff at risk any more than we have to.


Please check the guidance on vulnerable children and key workers for more information:

Get informed: What is Corona, and How do I Stay Safe?

For students

- Complete your home learning via Google Classroom, and submit online to your teacher by clicking 'Turn in'

- Take part in the WELLBEING CHALLENGES!

- Prioritise your mental and physical health through:

   - BodyCoach (everyday)

   - Mindfulness (see below for links)

Science behind yoga -  


Yoga – Yoga with Adriene’s Channel:


Mindfulness – Choose an activity every time it’s on the calendar

For staff/parents

- Don't be a hero: look after your own health and wellbeing first

- Stay connected, Stay active 

- Keep an eye on updates as they come in

- Check our Parent Bulletin every week

Links for yoga and mindfulness:

Yoga - can do in the living room!



Working productively from home:  

Dealing with anxiety and stress/trauma response (clinical psychology):

Follow our Wellbeing Instagram:           @fb.yhc

Especially for the winners of our Wellbeing Challenges!

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