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Want to know how to embed mindfulness into your child's daily routine? >

Managing Stress

Top tips for helping your child manage stress and how to support them through exams.

Childhood Nutrition

Support your child's wellbeing, inside and out - check out the Change4Life app.

Social Media (Explained!)

Snapchat? Instagram? Whatsapp? Make sure your child can surf online and use apps safely.

Dealing with stress

It's no secret that exams are stressful, and that students have more to juggle than ever before. Being prepared and managing time effectively helps prevent stress. By using the tips below, you can help your child prepare for success.

- Help them make a revision timetable, which also includes their extra curricular clubs and down time. Getting this balance is really important.

See an outline for one you could use on the link>>>

- Ensure they get enough sleep.

- Ensure they exercise, and don't study too much for long periods of time (as crazy as this sounds!)

- If necessary, remove distractions such as computers or devices. You can also put parental controls on these devices to limit the amount of time they can spend on apps such as Snapchat and Instagram. See how to do this in the video.

Nutrition and Sleep

Our Youth Health Champions ran a 'Sugar Smart' Campaign in order to raise awareness of healthy diets and smarter food choices. 

See their presentation here >>>

Having a regular sleep and nutrition routine ensures your child is ready to learn before they come to school. 1 in 5 teens are considered to be overweight in the UK - making teenagers aware of their food choices helps them build positive habits and relationships with their bodies.


For example, try to eat meals as a family; avoid buying snack foods and foods high in sugar or saturated fats; involve teenagers when shopping to raise their awareness, and to build positive body image avoid placing worth or compliments on looks, and try not to criticise your own as a parent.

Watch the video for the science behind sleep for teenagers.

Social Media - keeping children safe

This is a hot topic right now, and becoming increasingly important, since technology is now an ingrained part of our everyday lives. See these helpful tips for keeping your child safe online:

- Talk with your child about being safe online.

- Use parental control and safety features available on devices.

- Be aware of the age restrictions for apps, websites, social networking AND the online games your children play. This includes video games - largely, online gaming chat rooms are not monitored so it's important your child only 'friends' people they know and trust.

- Make yourself aware of how to use social media and the gaming platforms your children use.

- Restrict their device use time if necessary.

- Finally, select 'opt - out' from features such as geo-tagging, photo tagging, location tracking and giving out personal information like address and telephone numbers.


Whether you are tech-savvy or not, please watch the video from charity 'ThinkUKnow' which raises the dangers of unsupervised use of the online world.

For more information, visit...

E Safety and Social Media


Mental Health


Nutrition and Sleep

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